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Emergency Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure or car repossession? An emergency bankruptcy filing may be able to stop these actions in their tracks. Our Tampa bankruptcy attorneys do NOT advise to wait until the last moment to file bankruptcy. However, it is possible to file a bankruptcy petition before your property is seized. Call (813) 990-7944 for more info.It is vital to file your emergency bankruptcy petition before the official date the property will be sold. Remember that all of the filing requirements must be met. These include preparation and submission of the petition, getting crediting counseling and other requirements. A Tampa, Florida bankruptcy attorney can assist you to get your emergency filing done on time to save your home or vehicle.Note: It is not generally recommended to make an emergency bankruptcy filing. There are times when it is necessary, however. Bankruptcy requires extensive paperwork, and has very specific deadlines and next steps.A danger of filing emergency bankruptcy is…

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